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Links to THIS website

  • Stamps, Buttons, Blinkies, and Gifs [Not By Me :)]
  • Baby Carousel
  • My Testing Page!
  • Learn a craft, be entertained, etc!

  • Mobile phone museum!
  • BraceletBook!
  • Flashpoint!
  • Website stuff!

  • Cursors 4U!
  • This site has cursors that are easy to implement on neocities etc!

  • Marquees (
  • This is the site that I used for help with my carousels!

  • Web Neko
  • This is how to get a cat that chases your cursor!

  • Dynamic Page Title
  • This is how to have the page title change when someone clicks away :3

  • Autoplay by H3
  • This makes sound autoplay!

  • Coded Fish tank!
  • Create a fishtank! Note that for neocities, you need to put all of the components in a folder.

  • Draggable div!
  • Let users move stuff around :)

  • An easier draggable div
  • Grid layout!
  • Fill your page with awesome!

  • Floater
  • Make an image float around the page!

  • CSS colors
  • Tired of searching for hash codes? These can just be typed!

  • Clipboard copy
  • This is how to make your site buttons easy to grab! (code must be inserted with ' on both sides)

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