Updated: 3/13/2024

Hello! I'm Bbg! I also answer to Bugs

I read fanfic, scifi, and historical documents. I love mysteries I think I can solve.

I'm queer, punk, and I love the world with a dogged determination. The only stance on the discourse you need to know is that i'm an inclusionist and I think kindness is punk but not as punk as being abnormal, offputting, AND kind.

I'm in my 20's, a neko (or a catboy if you're newschool), and I work nonprofits so I like helping people A Lot. I've tried most arts and crafts things once.

My real pronouns are alternating he/her. My easy pronouns are they/them. At least try the real ones for a few minutes before you use they/them, come on now.

If you're here, you probably know me from somewhere or you just love looking at new neocities pages. Either way, hi! I tend to come off as overly blunt in abouts, but really i'm only somewhat blunt. Like that knife you used on tomatoes. It got the job done, but at a cost.

I love talking about myself, almost as much as I love talking about YOU, dear viewer. Cosplaying as an eccentric billionare brings me joy. Boba also brings me joy. I've lost the plot, bye bye!

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My Awesome Stuff

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My pet!

Midnight Jelly World Stamp
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